Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Whimsical Christmas...

Hello Everyone

I wanted to take time in this post to remind you to slow down this Christmas and smell the flowers. Christmas is a magical time, especially for young families with kids. We all get so busy around this time of year with the planning and the holidays and finishing off all that work in time and we normally try and jam pack as much as possible into each and every day. This year, take a WHIMSY DAY. A Whimsy Day is a day where you don't plan anything, you just see where the day takes you. You never know what you might end up doing...

Perhaps your day will start off with a sleep in and cuddle time
Make something different for breakfast
Head off on a walk with no destination in mind
Maybe you'll find a magical forest and play some hidey go seek
Maybe you'll tell of when you were a kid
You may come across some delicious food. Calories do not exist on Whimsy Days, go for it.
Try some twirling, you're never too old
And see what mother nature has to inspire you
 And when all is said and done, make sure you hold on to the memories. As tight as you can. 
Create a whimsy board

Or a whimsy wall
This year you have all helped me make my dreams come true. I wish each and every one of you an amazing Christmas and whimsical holiday season.  

Warmest regards

Nicole Herrick

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Live and kicking...

Hi Everyone

I am so excited to announce that our webshop is finally live!!! I am so proud of all of our designers and photographers on board for producing such an amazing range of products and services. After many, many weeks of staring at my computer screen, i looked at my screen with fresh eyes this morning and was amazed that i was actually able to achieve this. It is better than i ever could have imagined and you have all helped me get there. Yes even you the customers! Without your input for my research, none of this would be the same. I take great pride in what we have all achieved together.

The retail store has been going extremely well and we have now been open for 6 weeks! It actually feels like i've been here for years though. I love coming in every morning, turning on the computers and all the lights, checking the displays and making myself a nice strong coffee before opening the door and welcoming in a new day. 

Our new picnic room has started taking off too. Kids are just loving somewhere to play and meet new friends and parents are sinking back into the deck chairs with a cup of tea, or catching up with other mums and exchanging war stories. With all this rainy weather is has been a perfect park alternative and even on the hots days when it's too hot to sit outside, the air conditioning and breeze from the courtyard makes things nice and relaxing. Help us spread the word about The Picnic Room by sharing this around. You can also hire this space for parties with full catering and styling options available. 
Of course we are still on the hunt for a new cafe tenant so if anyone out there has ever dreamed of running there own kid friednly cafe but been too scared to do it alone, come in for a chat. 

Our new events schedule was kicked off on Friday with Christmas Crafting which was hosted by one of our lovely designers, Julie from Moops and Hoops. The kids had a lot of fun and really enjoyed meeting some new friends. 
Lots more events are coming up including: Silly sea creatures, storyime and singalong, mosaic decoration, cloth nappy demonstrations and a very special workshop by Sonja Viduka, Author or I Love Being Me children's affirmation books which will be held on Friday Dec 9th at 10:30am. The workshop is all about helping your kids learn to focus on the great things about themselves, their special talents, and how loved they are. Ticket are just $20 and include a copy of Sonja's book which normally retails for $24.95. Email to book your ticket now. Head to our facebook events page to read more about what's on and when. 

The photo studio upstairs is now open and available for anyone to book. Even if you're a beginner and know nothing about studio photography, we can set the lights to the right setting for you, show you some simple adjustments and even help you find the right settings on your camera. Don't have a camera? You can hire ours, we'll show you how to use it. 

Studio hire rates: 
A simple white backdrop is also available. 

  • 2 hours $80
  • 4 hours $150
  • Full day $200 (up to 12 hours)
  • Camera hire $50 per session
OK it's Sunday afternoon 5:05pm an i'm logging off to go relax. ahhhhhhhhhh, so glad the webshop is now up and running, spread the word everyone!!!

Warm regards

Nicole Herrick


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Loving the Hawthorn vibe

Hi Everyone

Wow wow wow, i can't believe how amazing it's all going. Customers coming through the doors are so impressed with all the gorgeous products and wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. I feel like i've been doing this for years and it's only been a few weeks. You know when something is so perfect it just FEELS right. I've never slept better. 

The local community has been so welcoming as well. Lots of locals have dropped in and introduced themselves which is such a lovely feeling as i'm new in this suburb. 

We have some exciting news actually, we are looking for a new cafe tenant! Expressions of interest are now being taken to lease the space and turn it into a dream cafe filled with passion, food and fun. Feel free to drop in any day if you would like to have a look at the huge space facilities that come with it including a full kitchen which has recently been put in.  
Could you turn this into a gorgeous cafe?
Lots of potential

Some great new products have come in over the past few weeks including Mum's Secret, Milk N Honey puzzle cubes,  Escargot clothing and swimwear, Toddler Tints, Afterglow kids soaps and Mooky shoes. 

We also have some fantastic items on sale in store, check out these bargains!
All Coco and Phoenix soft soled shoes just $15.95 for the month of November. 
25% off all Mini Treasure Kids Clothing 
Minim kerchief style bibs were $16, now just $12
Buy one, get one free in another colour (same size & style) on all Gypsy kids products. 
Deadwolf graphic tees were $45, on sale for just $29. Size boys 10 - Mens available

The new webstore should be up and running  by next week. 

Happy hump day!

Nicole Herrick

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Opening week...

Hi Everyone

Well first of all, sincere apologies for the lack of blog last week. Never in my life have i had so much to do in such a small amount of time. But then again, i never was one to take the easy road. The lead up to the VIP Prelaunch party and opening was, as with all new start ups, fraught with little hiccups that piled up around my ears, BUT nonetheless we made it to VIP night with just the gallery space to be cleared out and a few more items to be put on the shelves. 

Just over 100 designers and media guests attended our VIP night. With the bubbles flowing, a mass networking celebration began and continued well past my bedtime (not that i got much sleep). I stayed up into the early hours to finish the gallery space, get all those champagne flutes cleared up and put most of the remaining products out on the shelves so our first day customers were none the wiser of the mess that it had been just hours before. 
Super designers and helpers Julie (Moops and Hoops), Melinda (Baby Ink) and Lauren (Boondie Baby
Opening day and the week that has followed has brought a steady stream of "wowed" customers, all commenting on the gorgeous stock, abundance of choice, wide laned layout and various activities all in one shop. Kids especially have been having a blast making recycled crafts with Kim and Hardy from Rubble Art whilst parents sit back and relax with a good coffee. One lady even had a little nap i'm told, perfectly acceptable in their retro lounge room environment. In fact i'm sure if i sat in one of these chairs i wouldn't get up for another 8 hours. 


Clean and tidy ready for another batch of crafters
OK OK i know you're all dying to see some pics of the shop so far. Bec from Little Red Photography took some for me today and she will get these back to me soon but in the meantime, here are a few happy snaps i took. 

Gorgeous artworks in abundance
Super cute accessories for girls
Need some ideas for newborn gifts?
Divine name plaques
Choice, range, value for money
A good mix of girls AND boys wear
A great range of stationery and party products

Gifts for boys
Aren't these hairclip holders sweet and practical!

There is still lots to be done to tweak and fine tune everything but that will be an ongoing process that lasts forever i assume. Being a perfectionist, i am sure i'll be constantly changing things around.  

We had our first Shopping and Champagne night on Thursday and had a visit from the lovely Peace and Katy of Connect 2 Mums who were just in town for the expo and decided to pop by and say hi. They are such amazing role models and offer a fantastic support system to Mumprenuers out there, it was great to finally meet them. 

I am so proud of everything we have achieved and feel lucky to have so many amazing designers and providers on board. This truely is a community and our customers have been so excited to come in and be a part of this amazing experience we have all created together.  

Off to get some zzzz's 

Happy opening week everyone!

Nicole Herrick

Oh and PS the webstore will be up and running very shortly. 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Work work, work it!

Hi Everyone

Just another normal week here at camp KSH? pppffffffffffftttttttttttt!!! NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!! This week utter madness with painting and cleaning and building and fixing and buying and ordering and arranging and ahhhhhhh a zillion more things. It's so fun though and i love it all. 

So on Saturday whilst you were all enjoying the AFL grand final or just sunning it up with the kids on the school holidays (if you're not from VIC) i was painting our feature wall in a gorgeous warm yellow called Marigold. 
Those are 17 ft ceilings up there! 
I've also been off collecting some gorgeous vintage finds from ebay which will be painted white. Picture the chair in front with a bold zebra print fabric. 

A temp window display has been set up to create some intrigue and passers by are loving it. One lady loved it so much she knocked on the door and asked if she could by all the furniture. 
More big signage is coming soon, the Kids Style Hub logo is 14.5 metres long and 1.5 metres high. 

I have finally met a few of our lovely designers face to face as they have dropped off their products. They keep thinking the tour is over when i haven't even shown them the second floor yet ahahah. 

Has everyone that would like to come along to the VIP Pre Launch Party rsvp'd yet? If not, email through the names of your guests asap. It will be a great night of bubbly and canapes and a fantastic way for you all to meet like minded super people like yourselves.  

Melinda from Baby Ink has been doing a fantastic job organising the eco style bags for us, if you would like to be involved, just email Melinda:
Just an example of logos
Right i have to get back to work, 85 more emails to answer and, well, let's just say lots more stuff to do. I only freak out sometimes, the rest of the time i just pinch myself and wonder if i'm dreaming. 

Happy happy happy Wednesday!

Nicole Herrick