Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hunt and gather

Hi everyone

Well this last week i have certainly learnt a few things. Like that real estate agents will still advertise and let you put in an offer on a premises even if it's already been let.... Grrrrrr. Oh well, now i know and i can be more aware of how they operate. 

After having my dream commercial property ripped from my grasp, i have also learnt that i do like the thought of having a more retail style premises as opposed to a warehouse property that we turn into retail. Having a retail premises means less space BUT it means less fit out time, more customers and more profit. And so the hunt evolves. We will still have a massive retail floor area, a great family cafe space, a party room. learning centre and photo studio, but the amount of studios we will be offering will be less.   

Starting off slightly smaller also makes sense as we can gain a name for ourselves and in future years we can always move to a larger space or even create new branches.  

This week i have also been chatting with Marina from Kidz Bizz Development who has just launched her new blog to help small businesses in the children's industry in many different ways. Her first 3 posts are packed full of great ideas so pop over for a read and sign up for some free advice and tips.

I would also love to give a big shout out to my good friends at Rubble Art who will be a part of Kids Style Hub. Rubble Art specialises in transforming reclaimed materials into educational activities children will treasure. They can be booked for kids parties or events and they also run classes you can book your kids into. Their philosophy and crafts are just great so pop over and have a look at their new website.

Now for everyone who has been dying to know if they have been accepted to have their products sold on consignment, don't panic, i haven't sent out the formal offers just yet. We still have a good 2 months until we open so there is plenty of time. I will let you know in a blog update when i have made the first round of offers. I just want to be more advanced with the property search first. 

Until next week.... Happy designing

Nicole Herrick
Kids Style Hub

Sunday, 17 July 2011

10 weeks to go...

Hi Everyone

Sorry this weeks blog post is so late, this past week has been mammoth! I have made an offer on several properties and hope to secure our new space this coming week! I cannot tell you how excited that makes me. It's only 10 weeks until we officially launch, I am certainly going to be an extra busy woman to get our premises fitted out in time. Sleep is non existent at the moment as every night I lay in bed dreaming up ideas to make our space brilliant. 

I have sent out the terms and conditions for on consignment products to read through to most people but I will send it out to the rest very shortly so don't panic if you haven't received them yet. Very soon we will be emailing out offers of on consignment placement for you to accept.

As soon as the premises is secured i can send out information on the cost of design studio rentals as this really depends on our costs and how much space we can offer everyone.

I hope everyone is having a great winter, I'm loving these sunny days and mild temperatures.

Happy designing

Nicole Herrick

Friday, 8 July 2011

Spread the love

Hi Everyone

It's been another exciting week with some huge tasks tackled. A new interactive poster has been launched to help spread the word to customers and allow them to sign up to the new customer email newsletter with their phones.

The posters are being put up in childcare centres, libraries & sporting centres around Melbourne. Help us spread the love by posting on your facebook, twitter and website. Email us if you would like to request a hi res file to print and put up in your local childcare centre.

We have also revised the floor plan to add in some extras like a changing and quiet feed room for customers, a gym for the design hub team and the party room. Head to The Layout to see the new plan.  

OK, drum roll please..... The on consignment percentage rate is now available! Most stores charge 40-50%, so we think ours will leave you pleasantly surprised. Read about it here.

The studio rental rate will be emailed to all those who have expressed interest in possibly renting a studio, over the next 2 days. Please note that most designers will find on consignment the most viable option but for those of you who have started thinking about having your own shop but it's still too risky and expensive, our studio hub is an affordable option.

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick
Kids Style Hub

Friday, 1 July 2011

Making the most of our collaboration

Hi Everyone, it's been another exciting week and so much progress has been made. The hunt for the perfect space continues. Here's a few pics of some spaces that had great potential but were just too small. Next week i'm looking at some bigger spaces just North of Toorak as there are some huge warehouses around the Richmond area.  

On the blog you will now find a page dedicated to the cafe. There are some great ideas to make it both parent and kid friendly like a bottle warming station and a laptop area that will really keep customers coming back. Have a read here.

On the marketing side of things, i have decided that a monthly magazine could be a great tool. We can ask some of our designers kids to model for some fashion shoots, create scenes using everyone's products, show off new designers products, profile designers, write parent interest pieces, have a cooking section, advertise our courses in the learning centre, share tips on great things to do with kids, the possiblities are endless!. We would style it just like any gorgeous designer mag to make it fun and relaxing for mums to read, rather than boring old monthly email newsletters. 

Check out the gorgeous LMNOP Magazine

As another busy week comes to an end, don't forget that owning your own business is great and hard work pays off but make sure you make time for the things you love doing. Have a brilliant weekend everyone.

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick