Monday, 6 February 2012

cracking summer.....

Hi Everyone.

What a cracking summer it is here in Oz. When i think back on my 4 years living in London, all i see is grey, miserable weather and lots of "drizzle" No sunshine, no crazy summer thunder storms, no swimming to cool yourself down, just grey. How lucky are we to be living in a country where you can wake up, see sunshine most mornings and smile!

London was a fabulous time in my life and it taught me a lot.  One of the things i now love about Australia that i didn't previously, is getting to know your community. You see I come from a VERY small town in NSW, the kind of place where everyone knows everyone and sometimes you feel like you have no privacy because no matter what you do, someone you know will see you do it.  

But here and now, in a completely different world it feels, i relish the opportunity to get to know my neighbours, my local businesses, my local sporting teams, my local supermarket servers. Working 7 days a week makes it a little harder, but i am slowly learning more and more everyday, meeting great people and discovering great businesses. 

These days, your local community extends further than just the area you live in. I am so glad to have met some really amazing people in my industry. So i just wanted to give a big thank you today, to some great businesses i think, make the world a better place. 

Love your work: 
Mums on the Go - Nifty Mums Network - Market Angel - Connect to Mums - Kidz Bizz - Mummy Guru - Melbourne Mammas Market - Mizz Fitness - Melbourne Made Magazine - Little Melbourne - Hey Bambini - Little Eats - Planning with Kids - Alphabet Street - Motivating Mum - Peekaboo Magazine - Mums Lounge and many many more. 

Happy designing xxx

Nicole Herrick