Friday, 30 September 2011

The first week in our new premises...

Hi Everyone

Well i think it's safe to say that this past week has been the most exciting week of my life. Moving into the premises was such an amazing moment and i could not sleep or eat for about 2 days. Don't worry, i am now eating and sleeping again and taking very good care of myself as the last thing i would want is to get sick from over exhaustion. 

Moving in 100's of boxes and furniture was such a huge daunting task. I hired a moving company to help on the day but just the sheer volume of stuff that needed to be boxed the week before and then all loaded on to the 6 tonne truck (which i filled) nearly left me in tears. If i ever move again, i'm not going to pack or even be there to help the movers, i'm going pay someone else to do the whole process and go on holidays for a week instead. 

We have set up a new window display, what you think? 
Nah just kidding, this is the team from Obrien Glass replacing the front window. It had a crack from a previous incident so we got a brand new $6000 window for nothing. 

For the last few days, i've had a display in the window of plain white interesting objects to create a bit of mystery and buzz. Now that the new window is in, i can apply some signage with our logo and info about all the different things people can do in our huge space. We have a lot of traffic on this road and it's very slow for about 3 hours during the home rush so plenty of people are checking out the window. I'll also be putting some flyers outside for people to pick up if they walk past. 

The cafe space is starting to come together and i'm sooo excited to see some of the furniture arriving. Kim and Hardy, who also run Rubble Art, are turning their huge blank room into a cosy retro space that you will all feel so at home in, you may forget to leave. There is plenty of space for prams to move around freely, a choice of comfy couches or tables and chairs and some vintage favourites for the kids to amuse themselves that will take you back to your childhood years (and your kids may have to pry off you when you're finished playing). 

Some vintage look cafes can have that "we picked this up on the side of the road" feel, but not this cafe. I love the special furniture pieces they have selected and am so impressed by their designer eye. The pieces boast a mix of beautiful lines, quirky textures and super cool shapes. The only problem you will have is which setting to choose. Everything is in top, clean, super sturdy condition too. I can't wait to see the final look. 

If you haven't already rsvp'd for the VIP Pre Launch Party and would like to come, get your guest list in soon. Remember, you can invite a few others if you like as long as we have their names for the guestlist.

If any of our designers are still struggling with the product spreadsheet, just shoot through to me what you've done and i'll fix it up for you later once the majority of the fit out has been done. 

Only 2 more weeks until everything needs to be finished and ready to go!!! I'm loving every minute of it. 

I promise i'll add some images of how things are coming along soon. 

Happy Friday!!!

Nicole Herrick

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

VIP Pre-Launch Party...

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all your feedback on what date we should have the VIP party. Friday the 14th October was the clear winner, so get your party frock sorted!

As readers of this blog you are all invited. Please RSVP by emailing me. Yes, you can have a plus one, and if you ask very nicely, i may also let you have a few extra pluses.  You must email through your name plus the names of all your guests so that we have the right numbers for catering. Please don't pass this out to the masses though. 

The keys for the new premises are not in my hot little hands just yet but as soon as they are i'm going to be super busy getting all the displays built and fitted into place so if you're emailing or calling me, i might not respond that hour but I will respond to all by the end of the day. 

A few of you have have very kindly offered to help out so i'll be emailing some things i need help with shortly. Thank you sweet peeps!

If you're a designer with KSH, your spreadsheets are not due back until the 1st October so you have time to get them sorted. Products are due in by the 7th. Yes you can deliver them early, as soon as i get the keys i'll be there 24 / 7. 

Off to rent a VERY large truck ;)

Happy designing!

Nicole Herrick

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Drumroll please...

Hi Everyone

It's official, Kids Style Hub be in HAWTHORN! 

I am so excited to have secured a gorgeous retail store in THE perfect suburb. It's been a long and very stressful journey to find the right property and i've had my dreams crushed on more than one occasion (it's quite hard to rent a very large retail property when you're a new business) but I really do believe this is even better than other properties I missed out on. 

It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I can't wait to move in next week and start fitting it out. The official opening date has now been set as: 
Saturday the 15th of October
We will also be having a pre launch VIP party for designers, media and a few other VIP's. It's an invite only event but if you're signed up to the blog, you will receive an invite soon. What night is better for everyone Thursday 13th or Friday 14th? Comment below this post to let us know your preference.

I sent out the product spreadsheets to all designers on board last night. If you have already sent in your signed terms and conditions but haven't received the spreadsheet, let me know. 

Our delightful store in Hawthorn will incorporate the retail store, cafe, crafting zone, party room, learning room, photographers gallery and large photo studio. There is not enough space at the moment for the designers studio spaces to rent out but i am hopefully renting the space next door in a few months to add this element into the mix. I think coming up to Christmas will be a crazy time for everyone so it's better to look at that side of things after then anyway. I'll be contacting those designers that have expressed interest in renting a studio space in the coming months to gauge who is still interested and talk about rental rates.

I've been ebaying like crazy the past week buying up some quirky items for display like Queen Ann style dressing tables which will be painted white for that shabby chic effect, some super cool vintage suitcases etc. I am designing some round tiered podiums for display as well as i think they will be easier for prams to glide around. Ooh and i've also designed some 3D laser cut timber chandeliers that span 1.5 metres and will be painted yellow for that wow factor. 

For a sneak peek of the property, head to the blog

Happy designing!!!

Nicole Herrick

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Suburb announcement very soon...

Hi Everyone

This week has been non stop driving! Finding out parking options, what's nearby, local businesses we can help support, transport options, you name it, i now know where it is. I'm really excited about  moving to a new area and finding all it's hidden gems, and very soon, i'll spill the beans about which suburb we'll be in!

I cannot tell you how excited i am about all of our fabulous designers officially on board now. Parents are going to be like kids in candy stores. 

I am in the process of setting up the website and store product system now,  i should have the product spreadsheets ready in the next couple of days.  I have also set up the official Kids Style Hub email system now too, so from now on you will be seeing emails from me as The old email addresses are still valid for another year as i phase them out though. 

Our launch date is still slightly adjustable and will be between the 1st and 15th October. It just depends on how quickly i can move into the premises and start fitting out. Oh how i wish i had a magic wand and could just make things happen when i want them to! 

Is everyone a KSH facebook liker? And as designers, make sure you also sign up to the style mag and customer newsletter roll out here so you can keep up to date on how we market your products and offer any suggestions of what you think we should include. We're all part of the team! 

Right off to do a million things at once! Keep any questions rolling in, i may be busy but i'm never to busy for our gorgeous designers. 

Happy designing

Nicole Herrick

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