Tuesday, 20 September 2011

VIP Pre-Launch Party...

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all your feedback on what date we should have the VIP party. Friday the 14th October was the clear winner, so get your party frock sorted!

As readers of this blog you are all invited. Please RSVP by emailing me. Yes, you can have a plus one, and if you ask very nicely, i may also let you have a few extra pluses.  You must email through your name plus the names of all your guests so that we have the right numbers for catering. Please don't pass this out to the masses though. 

The keys for the new premises are not in my hot little hands just yet but as soon as they are i'm going to be super busy getting all the displays built and fitted into place so if you're emailing or calling me, i might not respond that hour but I will respond to all by the end of the day. 

A few of you have have very kindly offered to help out so i'll be emailing some things i need help with shortly. Thank you sweet peeps!

If you're a designer with KSH, your spreadsheets are not due back until the 1st October so you have time to get them sorted. Products are due in by the 7th. Yes you can deliver them early, as soon as i get the keys i'll be there 24 / 7. 

Off to rent a VERY large truck ;)

Happy designing!

Nicole Herrick


  1. Congratulations Nicole, fantastic news and Babyguru can't wait to check it all out!

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