Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Whimsical Christmas...

Hello Everyone

I wanted to take time in this post to remind you to slow down this Christmas and smell the flowers. Christmas is a magical time, especially for young families with kids. We all get so busy around this time of year with the planning and the holidays and finishing off all that work in time and we normally try and jam pack as much as possible into each and every day. This year, take a WHIMSY DAY. A Whimsy Day is a day where you don't plan anything, you just see where the day takes you. You never know what you might end up doing...

Perhaps your day will start off with a sleep in and cuddle time
Make something different for breakfast
Head off on a walk with no destination in mind
Maybe you'll find a magical forest and play some hidey go seek
Maybe you'll tell of when you were a kid
You may come across some delicious food. Calories do not exist on Whimsy Days, go for it.
Try some twirling, you're never too old
And see what mother nature has to inspire you
 And when all is said and done, make sure you hold on to the memories. As tight as you can. 
Create a whimsy board

Or a whimsy wall
This year you have all helped me make my dreams come true. I wish each and every one of you an amazing Christmas and whimsical holiday season.  

Warmest regards

Nicole Herrick