Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If you've got it, flaunt it...

Hi Everyone

I'm super happy this week. We've got so many amazing designers officially on board now and the products are just gorgeous. The store is going to be brimming with the creme de la creme of Aussie and Kiwi designed products. Customers are going to be drooling as they walk through the door, seriously. 

If you've been sent an offer and not yet accepted but still want to, get your forms back quick sticks so we can green light you. Questions welcome. 

If you have already been green lit, flaunt this baby around on your facebook pages. along with these links: Facebook and Style mag and newsletter sign up for customers to receive updates about your fab products.
This week i've been dreaming in yellow. There are so many ways we could fit out the retail area and other areas Kids Style Hub and I seriously cannot wait to get out my paint rollers and power tools. Here are some images that inspire me. 

Of course these aren't necessarily what KSH will look like, after all we don't have a million dollar fit out budget (for year one anyway), but these are just to give you a sense of style. In saying that, we do have a really good fit out budget and I have been known to perform creative miracles on any budget.  It's a McGuyver thing. 

Last week i met with the lovely Katrina from Market Angel. Her free info on markets all around Australia is such a great facility for both shoppers and stallholders. I considered her site to be the gospel when I first started doing markets and needed info on which ones I should be trying my products at. If you sell at or attend markets and are not signed up to her newsletter, you're missing out on the best and most up to date info you can get. She also has advertising opportunities for designers, just think about that 4000 strong audience.   

OK back to the grindstone for me, i've been waking up at 6am most mornings and jumping out of bed at full speed, so excited to put the past 14 months of research and development into action.  Seriously i do not need coffee anymore, i'm already bouncing off the walls.

I love my job :)

Happy designing

Nicole Herrick

Thursday, 25 August 2011

First Round Offers...

Hi Everyone

I have just sent out the first round offers to have products sold via our on consignment option! You will receive an email letting you know if we have or have not (yet) made you an offer. If you haven't received any email at all (by the end of the day), it means we do not have you on our list as interested. If you have already sent through your expression of interest but not received an email, please send me a quick msg to let me know. 

If you have not yet sent through an expression of interest, get it through to me asap to be considered for an offer for October. 

We have not yet emailed out offers for the photographers wall or design studio space as yet. We will let you know when that goes out. 

In other news, i'm flat out getting the retail premises sorted amongst some other really exciting landmarks for the company. 

Until we have more news. 

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Character and charm...

Hi Everyone

I've been so busy this week i almost forgot to blog! It's been a mountain of paperwork this week but finally that's all complete and i can start to think about more fun things. Like our VIP pre launch party... So i'm thinking cocktails and canap├ęs, 200 or so designers, celebs and media, a live band and a sneak peek before opening. It's a leave the kids at home event so you can relax, network and have some fun. We will of course have an opening day for the kids and parents as well. I'm thinking face painting, crafting, music, entertainers and allergy friendly snacks. What are some other ideas? We want this to be a super fun day for the kids. This event will be the retail store opening so you'll finally be able to shop shop shop!

Here's a store i looked at recently which turned out to be too small but i just had to have a look seeing as the signage was so intriguing. (Herrick is my last name)

And another space which would suit us quite well. Loads of natural light, an outdoor space and some office space we could convert for the learning centre, party room and photo studio.

Ahh the possibilities... I see so much potential in places like these, no matter how well presented or rustic they feel. Kids Style Hub is going to exude character and charm. The retail space is going to have very few "formal" walls, wide browsing lanes that prams can glide easily around, varying height levels of display made up of an eclectic range of gathered pieces like old crates and suitcases, quirky second hand furniture and simple shelving. Not too crowded and all painted white so that the products speak for themselves. There will however be a quite modern designed counter (which i'm designing) and some great lighting. 

The cafe will be a great fun space too. Kim and Hardy are designing a large tree for the heart of the cafe which will grow magical craft works. If we are able to get some outside space, i'd love to create some interlinking cubbies of all different styles with secret doors to one another along with space to run around and fall over softly. Maybe even a vertical organic veggie garden which the kids can help us grow. Hahaha oooh dear i've got so much work to do before opening. 

I'm actually going to need some help once we move into the space to get it ready, so for anyone who is based in Melbourne who wants to come down and give us a hand painting or creating these magical spaces, i'll give you a shout out when we're ready to start. 

That's all for this week. I'm off to the Melbourne Mammas Market this Sunday with my two children's wear brands on sale at 50% - 80% off. Lots of you are also heading there so please pop in and say hi to me, there are so many of you i have not met in person yet. 

Happy designing

Nicole Herrick

Melbourne Mammas Market: Sunday 21st August
10am - 2:30pm
Ukranian Hall Essendon

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Refreshed and revitalised

When we start our own businesses, we often think we will have more time to spend with the family but for many of us, we end up having less time with our loved ones. That's why it's important to make sure you add holidays into your business plan. Will you need someone to run your business whilst you're away? Can it just be shut down for a week or two? What happens if you have any business emergencies that need to be sorted whilst you're away?

Many of us do already plan these but end up not taking a holiday because we feel guilty or we feel finance pressure. After having a week off last week i can tell you my guilt has now gone. A years worth of stress and work building up can mean you are not performing at your peak. Taking a short break away really does revitalise your business brain and it also allows you to come back with more vision and focus. And hey, you can always keep up to date on your important emails on your phone right ;)

Here's a few photos from my lovely holiday last week in Magnetic Island with my bff and her gorgeous little girl.

In location news, there seems to be a lot more places available at the moment so i'm going through a lot of spaces to get the perfect location and size mix for us. It still may be a few weeks until we can officially announce our location due to paper work but rest assured, it's in the works.

That's all for this week, until next week.

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick

Monday, 1 August 2011

Artistic spaces

Hi Everyone

This past weekend i went along to the open house of River Studios. A 3,000 sqm shared artists space in North Melbourne put together by the team at Creative Spaces.

Hallway between studios
Communal eating area

Megan Evans at work
Megan Evans Studio space

Walking around this space you can feel the creativity oozing out of the walls. It seems a lot smaller than 3,000 sq m but there are 57 studio spaces housing 75 artists. I only got to see 2 of the 3 levels as Callum Morton has the entire ground floor. Ooh wouldn't that be nice... 1,000sm q to yourself.  

Creative spaces spent 300K fitting out this 3 level building and i must say the tenants look very happy although a little on the cold side. The massively high ceilings and open walls means heating is impossible. 

I do really love the minimalist feel of the place with it's plywood walls, fenced doors and exposed sinks and plumbing. But I think for Kids Style Hub, our space needs to able to be at least slightly heated in winter and a much less industrial feeling. 

I'm going to inject a lot of colour into our hub in the way of digital artwork and 3D installations  to make it a fun, warm, playful space. Our cafe team are busy dreaming up interior ideas for the family cafe and they have some lovely ideas in the mix. 

The first round offers have not gone out yet, i'm heading up north for some warmer weather this week for my last holiday (and my birthday) before the hub chains me up to a 7 day working week for the rest of my life. When i get back i will email out offers. Offers for studio rental will not go out until the space has been finalised. 

Until next week, happy designing. 

Nicole Herrick