Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Refreshed and revitalised

When we start our own businesses, we often think we will have more time to spend with the family but for many of us, we end up having less time with our loved ones. That's why it's important to make sure you add holidays into your business plan. Will you need someone to run your business whilst you're away? Can it just be shut down for a week or two? What happens if you have any business emergencies that need to be sorted whilst you're away?

Many of us do already plan these but end up not taking a holiday because we feel guilty or we feel finance pressure. After having a week off last week i can tell you my guilt has now gone. A years worth of stress and work building up can mean you are not performing at your peak. Taking a short break away really does revitalise your business brain and it also allows you to come back with more vision and focus. And hey, you can always keep up to date on your important emails on your phone right ;)

Here's a few photos from my lovely holiday last week in Magnetic Island with my bff and her gorgeous little girl.

In location news, there seems to be a lot more places available at the moment so i'm going through a lot of spaces to get the perfect location and size mix for us. It still may be a few weeks until we can officially announce our location due to paper work but rest assured, it's in the works.

That's all for this week, until next week.

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick


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