Monday, 1 August 2011

Artistic spaces

Hi Everyone

This past weekend i went along to the open house of River Studios. A 3,000 sqm shared artists space in North Melbourne put together by the team at Creative Spaces.

Hallway between studios
Communal eating area

Megan Evans at work
Megan Evans Studio space

Walking around this space you can feel the creativity oozing out of the walls. It seems a lot smaller than 3,000 sq m but there are 57 studio spaces housing 75 artists. I only got to see 2 of the 3 levels as Callum Morton has the entire ground floor. Ooh wouldn't that be nice... 1,000sm q to yourself.  

Creative spaces spent 300K fitting out this 3 level building and i must say the tenants look very happy although a little on the cold side. The massively high ceilings and open walls means heating is impossible. 

I do really love the minimalist feel of the place with it's plywood walls, fenced doors and exposed sinks and plumbing. But I think for Kids Style Hub, our space needs to able to be at least slightly heated in winter and a much less industrial feeling. 

I'm going to inject a lot of colour into our hub in the way of digital artwork and 3D installations  to make it a fun, warm, playful space. Our cafe team are busy dreaming up interior ideas for the family cafe and they have some lovely ideas in the mix. 

The first round offers have not gone out yet, i'm heading up north for some warmer weather this week for my last holiday (and my birthday) before the hub chains me up to a 7 day working week for the rest of my life. When i get back i will email out offers. Offers for studio rental will not go out until the space has been finalised. 

Until next week, happy designing. 

Nicole Herrick