Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Drumroll please...

Hi Everyone

It's official, Kids Style Hub be in HAWTHORN! 

I am so excited to have secured a gorgeous retail store in THE perfect suburb. It's been a long and very stressful journey to find the right property and i've had my dreams crushed on more than one occasion (it's quite hard to rent a very large retail property when you're a new business) but I really do believe this is even better than other properties I missed out on. 

It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I can't wait to move in next week and start fitting it out. The official opening date has now been set as: 
Saturday the 15th of October
We will also be having a pre launch VIP party for designers, media and a few other VIP's. It's an invite only event but if you're signed up to the blog, you will receive an invite soon. What night is better for everyone Thursday 13th or Friday 14th? Comment below this post to let us know your preference.

I sent out the product spreadsheets to all designers on board last night. If you have already sent in your signed terms and conditions but haven't received the spreadsheet, let me know. 

Our delightful store in Hawthorn will incorporate the retail store, cafe, crafting zone, party room, learning room, photographers gallery and large photo studio. There is not enough space at the moment for the designers studio spaces to rent out but i am hopefully renting the space next door in a few months to add this element into the mix. I think coming up to Christmas will be a crazy time for everyone so it's better to look at that side of things after then anyway. I'll be contacting those designers that have expressed interest in renting a studio space in the coming months to gauge who is still interested and talk about rental rates.

I've been ebaying like crazy the past week buying up some quirky items for display like Queen Ann style dressing tables which will be painted white for that shabby chic effect, some super cool vintage suitcases etc. I am designing some round tiered podiums for display as well as i think they will be easier for prams to glide around. Ooh and i've also designed some 3D laser cut timber chandeliers that span 1.5 metres and will be painted yellow for that wow factor. 

For a sneak peek of the property, head to the blog

Happy designing!!!

Nicole Herrick

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  1. 15th the Friday suits. Woohoo! So close to home too!

  2. Either fine but preference Thurs 13th. So excited now. Julie - Moops and hoops

  3. Haven't received the spreadsheet - this could mean I haven't sent you a signed form! Not sure... Either night is OK - although my October is looking far too social. Let's see if I can get that much time out!

  4. Ooo, How exciting!! I can't believe that I've been invited into all of this. I feel VERY priviledge indeed! Thanks SO MUCH!!

    As regards which night, usually friday night is best for me.. Just wondering if it will be a 'bring a friend' event, or strictly invite only?? Would love to bring either my mum or sister. My huby usually isn't that interested in thing kind of thing...

    Looking foward to it either way. Just 4 weeks to go!!

  5. Thanks all!!! Yes the invites will be plus one and if you say pretty pretty please, i will see if i can sort out some further invites if you have some special people that would like to attend.

  6. Congrats on finding your location, it looks great in the photos and layout!
    Can't wait to come and have a look :)
    All the best in the lead up to opening.

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  8. This sounds fun! Kids will be amused that there is something big waiting for them. Well, kids are artistic and they think creatively and tremendously!

  9. Can't wait to come and have a look :)
    All the best in the lead up to opening.

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