Monday, 16 May 2011

The ball is rolling...

Well it's been two weeks since our first post and we have had a HUGE response from the first round of designers that we have contacted. I've been so amazed at the level of sophistication from the designers responding so far, we really do have some very talented people here and a showcase of these products is just what we need to help lift the stature of Australian designers around the world (and in Oz).

I have also had quite a few responses from New Zealand designers so I have opened up the concept to include their fantastic products.  

Over the next few weeks I will be contacting more designers to make sure we have a great range of products for a wide variety of customers. Don't worry, this does not mean competition against you, think about this retail store as a destination. Cast your mind to the St Kilda cake stores, the Richmond factory outlets, the restaurants of Lygon st. The more products we have available, the more customers will flock to find gorgeous, creative, Australasian designed products.

Help us spread the word by inviting other designers you know to sign up to the blog.

Soon we will be adding more information on studio rental prices and on consignment percentages, in the mean time, if you would like a rough explanation of studio rental prices, just email us. 

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick