Friday, 20 May 2011

Network, Grow, Survive

This week we have been busy thinking of more ways to help all of you designers out there and here are a few ideas to add to the mix:

  1. Free talks will be given by successful childrens product businesses on how they got started and how they grew.
  2. Free sessions on how to set up websites, webstores, facebook pages, blogs etc.  
  3. The learning area of KSH could be available for all members to teach classes for kids or adults.
  4. A special hot desk zone could be set up for on consigment designers if they need to get out of the house for the day, get some work done and be in a creative environment. The meeting rooms could also be booked if you have clients you need to see but don't want to see them in your home.
  5. Health sessions or groups could be established  to assist with issues such as post natal depression and childrens behavioral problems.

Tell us what you think of these ideas and suggest more by posting a comment.

In other news:

Today i met with an inspirational lady. Linda from Nifty Mums Network moved to Melbourne last year with her husband and one child with another on the way, when her second child came early, she realised she didn't have anyone she could call to come and take care of her first born so she set about to create a network of mums that were in a similar situation. She had also been suffering from post natal depression and wanted to help other women speak up and get some help. Less than a year later, she has over 4500 followers on her facebook page, gives talks a major events, is working with Beyond Blue and PANDA and could possibly be the single biggest influence on changing the stigma attached with PND and getting women the help they need. Her Nifty Mums Network facebook page and blog are a place to help mothers connect with each other, be it for business or just general advice on parenting. She also runs a private facebook page specifically for suffers of post natal depression which people can ask to join, remain confidential and read about other mums experiences without feeling any pressure, and if they like, talk about their own situation.

She really is an amazing woman, i am in awe of her and what she is achieving. She's even not for profit so all of this time and energy she spends helping other people, currently doesn't earn her any money. 

Check out her Nifty Mums Network facebook page here 

Happy designing

Nicole Herrick