Friday, 3 June 2011

Thank gaawwd it's Friday... party time?

This week we have been thinking about what else the KIDS STYLE HUB space can do to help other designers and services. We could also include a "PARTY ROOM" which could be booked by customers. We could have a portfolio of entertainers such as; face painters, balloon artists, clowns, magicians, karaoke services etc to choose from and book.  As well as catering options including specialist cake makers. The parents can relax in the cafe or (more importantly) shop whilst their kids are having fun at the party. A no mess, no fuss kind of approach for parents. This could also be an opportunity for a party planner to take on and house their business with us. What do you think? Suggestions of entertainers would be great.

We've also been looking at the numbers more to try and pin point an on consignment percentage for you. I've heard of other on consignment places charging 50% commission which i think is far too high. Our concept is designed to help emerging designers, not exploit them, after all, i'm a designer too. Tell us how much you've been charged in the past and what you think is reasonable.

Lastly don't forget to send this on to friends. The more people we have on board the more customers we will attract.

Happy Designing

Nicole Herrick

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