Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Time... to do the things you really enjoy.

Good morning everyone
I hope all of you that were lucky enough to have a long weekend last week enjoyed it as much as I did. I spent my time in a lovely house down on Phillip Island with beautiful sunny days and a cosy fire place at night.
Speaking of getting away for the weekend, this is a little boost for all of you who have ever done weekend markets to try and sell your products.
What do you usually think about whilst you’re sitting there...
“Will I sell anything today? What if someone has negative feedback about my products? Is the fixed fee that I paid going to leave me with any profit? Are people going to be put off by my prices because they expect a bargain?”
It can be a stressful morning I know. Now I want you to think about what you could be doing instead of sitting in a hall somewhere.
“Spending quality time with the partner and kids... Relaxing and watching an old favourite movie... Taking a walk in the sunshine... Having lunch at a fabulous cafe... Catching up with friends... Teaching the kids how to ride a bike...”
Don’t get me wrong, markets are a GREAT way to start off your business, but who of you are ready to get your goods into stores and have them do the selling whilst you concentrate on your products AND on realising that dream of working for yourself to have enough time to do the things in life that you really enjoy.
Now I want you to think about a few months time when you can walk into Kids Style Hub and say to yourself “THIS IS MY STORE!”. We want everyone to feel that way. Whether you create tiny little accessories and sell on consignment, or you rent a studio and run your business from our design hub, you should all feel proud of what we will have achieved in creating an amazing selection of designer products.  
Dream big, because you really are amazing.
Happy Designing
Nicole Herrick

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